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MW WP Form Plugin Patched to Address Critical Security Vulnerability

Recent discovery of a severe vulnerability in the MW WP Form plugin that put over 200,000 active installations at risk. Find out how attackers were able to infiltrate websites and execute malicious code, and discover the prompt response from the plugin's developers. Update to the latest patched version of MW WP Form to protect your website against potential attacks. Stay informed about security vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to safeguard your online presence.

Patched Code Execution Vulnerability in Apache NiFi (CVE-2023-34212)

Read about the recently disclosed patched code execution vulnerability in Apache NiFi (CVE-2023-34212) that enables remote code execution through JNDI/LDAP. Learn about the vulnerability details, consequences of exploitation, proof-of-concept exploit, and mitigation steps. Upgrade to Apache NiFi 1.22.0 or a later version to mitigate the vulnerability and protect your sensitive data and infrastructure.