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WhatsApp Introduces Secret Code Feature for Enhanced User Privacy

Explore WhatsApp's latest privacy feature, Secret Code, offering users an additional layer of protection for sensitive conversations. Learn how this feature, coupled with Chat Lock, enhances privacy by allowing users to set a custom password for locked chats, distinct from their phone's unlocking credentials. Discover how the "Protect IP Address in Calls" feature further secures user data. Amidst these advancements, delve into the contrasting views on messaging app security, with insights into the French government's recommendations. Stay informed on the evolving landscape of digital privacy with WhatsApp's commitment to user-centric security measures.

New Guidelines Released for Secure Artificial Intelligence Systems

The United Kingdom (U.K.) and the United States (U.S.) have released new guidelines for the development of secure artificial intelligence (AI) systems. These guidelines prioritize ownership of security outcomes, promote transparency and accountability, and establish secure design as a top priority. The guidelines address societal concerns and require companies to commit to bug bounty systems. The comprehensive framework covers all areas of AI system development and aims to combat adversarial attacks. By following these guidelines, developers can contribute to a safer AI landscape.