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Unveiling a Sophisticated Mobile Banking Malware Campaign Targeting Iranian Users

In a recent expose, Zimperium reveals an intricate mobile banking malware campaign targeting Iranian users. Originating in July, the campaign, initially reported with 40 malicious apps, has expanded to 245, evading detection and evolving in sophistication. Targeting major Iranian banks, these Android apps employ diverse tactics, from phishing to overlay attacks, aiming to steal sensitive information. The attackers exhibit adaptability, utilizing Telegram and GitHub for data exfiltration and command-and-control. While Xiaomi and Samsung devices are primary targets, an iOS threat looms, raising concerns about potential future developments.

The Use of Invasive Spyware to Suppress Civil Society: A Recent Incident in Serbia

Learn about the use of invasive spyware in Serbia and its impact on civil society. Discover the work of organizations like Access Now, SHARE Foundation, and the Citizen Lab in investigating and exposing surveillance technology. Understand the importance of stronger regulations and oversight to prevent misuse of spyware. Find out how collaboration between civil society, technology companies, and governments can combat the use of spyware. Join the efforts to protect privacy, freedom of expression, and the rights of individuals and organizations in the digital era.