Unauthorized Access Leads to Data Breach at Line Messenger Parent Company

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LY Corporation, the parent company of Line Messenger, recently reported unauthorized access to its systems, resulting in the leakage of hundreds of thousands of records related to users, partners, and employees. The company disclosed in a notification to affected clients on November 27 that unauthorized individuals gained access to their servers through the NAVER Cloud Corporation system, owned by a subsidiary.

Line Messenger, a popular Japanese app launched in 2011, offers video and text chat services, free IP voice calls, and video conferencing. With over 176 million active users monthly worldwide, Line Messenger is widely used not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The breach was initially detected when a virus infected an employee’s computer at a subsidiary on October 9. By October 17, LY Corporation, the entity managing the Line application, determined a “high possibility” of unauthorized external access to the application’s systems. The attackers were able to access hundreds of thousands of records containing user, employee, and business partner data.

The compromised user data from the Line application includes:

  • User voice call activities
  • Details of conversations, including the country, gender, age group, and operating system of senders and recipients
  • Content posting details, including times and dates
  • The total number of subscribers/friends of users
  • Start and end times of published videos

As of November 27, the leaked data comprises 302,569 user records, 86,105 partner records, and 51,353 employee and staff records. This includes names, employment book numbers, and email addresses. However, LY Corporation has assured that the compromised data does not include information on bank accounts, credit cards, or chats within the Line application.

LY Corporation is urging all affected parties to remain vigilant against fraudulent messages and phishing attempts. The company also plans to engage external organizations to conduct audits and enhance security measures in order to prevent future breaches.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for companies that handle sensitive user data. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations need to prioritize the protection of their systems and the privacy of their users.

As users, it is crucial to exercise caution while sharing personal information online and to regularly update passwords. Additionally, being aware of common phishing techniques and promptly reporting suspicious activities can help mitigate the risks associated with data breaches.

LY Corporation’s response to this breach demonstrates their commitment to addressing the issue and protecting their users’ information. By taking proactive steps to enhance security measures and engaging external organizations for auditing, the company is working towards rebuilding trust and ensuring the safety of its users’ data.

As the investigation into the breach continues, it is essential for both LY Corporation and its users to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to prevent any further unauthorized access or misuse of the compromised data.

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