Google Drive Users Experience Data Loss and Service Disruption

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Google Drive, a popular cloud-based storage service, has recently faced a significant issue where users reported the sudden disappearance of their recent files. The service seems to have reverted to a storage snapshot from April-May 2023, causing frustration and concern among its users.

Google Drive allows individuals and businesses to store and access files from any internet-connected device using their Google account. It is widely used as part of Google Workspace, making this issue a cause for alarm for many users.

Reports on Google’s support forums indicate that people have lost recent data and folder structure changes. Users are expressing their distress, as they rely on Google Drive to keep their files safe. Some users even pay extra for cloud storage, making the loss of their work devastating.

The activity logs on affected accounts do not show any recent changes, suggesting that users did not accidentally delete the files themselves. This indicates a problem with the service’s system, preventing the synchronization of data between local devices and Google Cloud at some point.

While some users may have offline caches that potentially contain the missing data, there is currently no known method to restore access to this data. Google’s volunteer support agents have shared a response allegedly from Google’s support engineers, confirming that they are investigating the issue. However, an estimated timeline for a fix has not been provided.

Google Drive users who have been affected are advised to refrain from making changes to the root/data folder until the situation is resolved and the root cause is determined. This cautious approach will help avoid complicating the recovery process. Understandably, users are frustrated by the loss of critical data that they entrusted to the cloud-based service, especially considering that many have paid for hosting their files.

It is worth noting that Google’s support forums are primarily staffed by volunteers who may have limited insight into or understanding of the cloud service. This lack of effective assistance in critical situations exacerbates the frustration experienced by users.

BleepingComputer has reached out to Google for an update on the internal investigation and whether the lost files are recoverable. However, no response has been received at the time of publication.

For affected Google Drive users, it is recommended to avoid making changes to their cloud storage until the situation is resolved. Instead, it is advisable to contact Google Support, open a new case, and monitor for official updates. In the meantime, it is prudent to consider backing up important files locally or exploring alternative cloud services.

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